Sarah Dwyer

Sarah Dwyer’s (b. 1974, Ireland) historically imbued portraits reveal traces of memory and fragments of found imagery, resulting in unpredictable forms and mark-making. Possessing elements of both figuration and abstraction, they are a result of an intimate relationship between the act of painting, the unconscious, and intuition. An internal dialogue plays out resulting in an uncertain psychological narrative. Reduction and erasure play as much a part as application and layer; her line meanders over quick, loose gestures and refined shapes, which are both whimsical and ephemeral. Canvases are worked and reworked, retaining something of the paintings past, building up multiple layers of paint in some areas while others reveal raw linen.

Dwyer earned a Master’s in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2004 after an MFA from Straffordshire University in 2001. Solo exhibitions include Josh Lilley Gallery, London; Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin; Kybidou Gallery, Tokyo. Dwyer lives and works in London. Recent group shows include I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn... - Dorothy Parker, Lombard Freid Gallery, NY, New Order: British Art Today, Saatchi Gallery, London and Fade Away (Touring exhibition), Transition Gallery, London.

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