Ulrich Lamsfuss

Lamsfuss creates his canvases with the eye of an editor unrestrained by context.  In the simplest terms, Lamsfuss's process is about selecting photographic images and painting them.  He belongs to a young, successful generation of artists who are interested in the transformation of our over-mediated contemporary society into a painted hyper-reality.  While Lamsfuss has much in common with his peers, his work is also influenced by the theories and aesthetics of an earlier generation of artists such as Kippenberger and Morley.  For Lamsfuss, the positioning, or context of his work is crucial.  Despite their meticulous craftsmanship and seductive imagery, his paintings are never too perfect or precious.  The act of painting is natural and direct, without anxiety or pretense. The resulting paintings possess aesthetic integrity without self-ascribed value.

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