Prospect.3 New Orleans to feature Huguette Caland

"Several [artists] (Huguette CalandEd Clark) are in the later years of their lives and careers, hinting that [curator Franklin] Sirmans is admirably more interested in exploring historical continuities and cross-generational influences than with the latest flashes-in-the-pan," writes Hyperallergic. P.3 will several Caland paintings from the 1970s at the New Orleans Museum of Art: "Huguette Caland's series of pacifying, surrealistic body landscapes were born of a moment of physical displacement during the construction of her studio in the 1970s. Having less room to work, Caland reduced the scale of her canvases and drew 'faces and places from the past' easily out of the reduced-scale wood panels upon which she worked. Exemplifying the playful and seductive nature of her oeuvre, these anthropomorphic landscapes exude the sensuality of the human form simplified to voluptuous hills peaked with unbridles expressivity."

Also on view as a part of P.3 are new works by Lombard Freid artists Tameka Norris, at May Gallery, and The Propeller Group, at UNO St. Claude Art Gallery.