Cao Fei in group exhibition curated by Phong Bui

Phong Bui and Rail Curatorial Projects have selected Cao Fei as one of many artists showing in their group exhibition Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior. The show, which will open October 10, "features a selection of artists, born between the 1920s and 1980s, who have common interests in psychedelic experience, disordered time perception, consensus trance induction, turn on-tune in-drop out, temporal illusion, altered state of awareness, and novelty theory. Utilizing the psychedelic as a viable space of artistic creation–heightened uses of color, exuberant patterns, distorted forms, fantastical imagery in repetition or chaos, and a highly idiosyncratic visual language–the works seek to challenge our perception." Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior will be on view at 220 West 18th Street until December 14, 2014.