Eko Nugroho in Gwangju Biennale, curated by Jessica Morgan

Burning Down the House, the 10th Gwangju Biennale, is currently on view in South Korea until November 9th. Eko Nugroho is exhibiting his fantastic trademark large-scale embroidery pieces. "Burning Down the House examines the potential of art as movement, by exploring the efforts made by contemporary artists to address personal and public issues through individual and collective engagement, as well as demonstrating how challenging these efforts and their impacts have become. Contrary to museums, with their often hegemonic cultural policies and interest in denoting legacies and traditions, the Biennale is a mobile and flexible event, which offers a spectrum of creative expressions that are immediate, contemporary and topical, making the proposed debate of art as movement fitting for the space of Gwangju – both geopolitically and as an institutional alternative."